Instruction Selection: Principles, Methods, and Applications


Location Problem Reported By
p. 13, inline fig., in "ASSEMBLY CODE", l. 5 Registers r2 and r4 should be swapped. 2016-11-09 Jonas Skeppstedt
p. 32 Should be just "Polish notation", not "reverse Polish notation". 2018-01-22
p. 39 Should be "rarely orthogonal", not "rarely non-orthogonal". 2018-02-27 Csanád Baksay
p. 50, Fig. 3.8b, caption "incompatibilities" is misspelled. 2016-11-22 Jonas Skeppstedt
p. 68, 67, 112 "Normal form" is misnamed as "linear form". 2017-07-25
p. 80 Should be matched(p, np), not matched(n, np). 2018-01-22
p. 88–89 "maximum independent set" should be "maximal independent set". 2017-07-31
p. 88 Definition of MIS should be an independent set to which no more nodes can be added and still be an independent set. 2017-07-31
p. 112 "Eckstein et al. therefore developed their own heuristic solver as described in [106]" should read "Scholz and Eckstein therefore ... as described in [304]". 2017-08-01
p. 115–116 The input is a combined data- and control-flow graph, not an SSA graph. Hence the approach does support inter-block instructions. 2016-12-05 Sebastian Buchwald
p. 129 Buchwald and Zwinkau [61] should have OP and IB features marked as fully supported. 2016-12-05 Sebastian Buchwald
p. 139, ref. [8] Monica S. Lam is missing as author. 2016-11-22 Jonas Skeppstedt