Computers have always been a main interest ever since my parents bought a 486 in 1992. Once we got a modem, and thus gained access to the Internet, webpages became an extended interest and I started to produce some pages of my own. That lead into scripting, which sparked my love for programming. In 2004, I found myself at KTH, pursuing a Master degree in Computer Science. Although my interests in computer technology range widely from low-level architecture details to high level of abstraction modeling, I focused on advanced computer architecture, compiler construction, parallel systems, constraint programming, algorithms, data structures, and complexity. I also studied a bit of system-on-chip (SoC) and embedded systems. During this time, I took a break and worked in industry for 2 years before resuming my studies and graduating in March 2012.

After receiving my degree, I decided to not return to industry but instead pursue a doctoral degree. In June 2012, I enrolled in a research project in constraint-based compilation, where I researched how constraint programming can be used to drive and optimize the instruction selection phase. I received my doctoral degree in April 2018.